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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gamesday is HERE! Fifth update...(Wyches, Speciality Items)

It looks great, but it's so far removed from the old Wyches it's hard to picture it as such.

 Earlier I made the mistake of assuming these were Mandrakes but they are in fact Wyches.

 Also Scryer from Warseer has revealed:
 One more thing to add, now that I've had a chance to comb through all the specialty item codes... one of them has a Dark Eldar prefix. 

Specialty items are wide and varied and range from things like limited edition dice sets, basing kits, resin markers, templates and things like the L.O.S Marker Light, but they all carry non-army-specific prefixes.


  1. I was actually hoping that the new masked warrior up above was a Solitaire - but either way, it really has that Xenos quality about it that just exudes fear and awe. Waking up today and checking out all these pics has been awesome!

  2. is the masked guy not a mandrake? looks similar

  3. Thanks for posting all the pics, I cant wait to see more.

  4. There's a rumour on Warseer that those are "Hydra Gauntlets" +d6 A when assaulting

  5. That's a Wych with Mandrake arms/head... you heard it here first.

  6. @ anon: I've put up a pic of the new Mandrakes already (a sketch anyway) and it looks nothing like the Wych. They don't wear masks and use a huge razor blade.