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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gamesday is HERE! Ninth update...(Codex Art, Rules)

More rules and some artwork from the Codex have surfaced. Let's take a look...

 Found on Heresy-Online:

Hekatrix Bloodbride

I wont post stats but Wych are same as before, Hekatrix and Bloodbrides are same as Wych Succubus with +1LD, Syrens are same as Hekatrix with +1A.
Unit Type: Infantry

WARGEAR: Close combat weapon, combat drugs, plasma grenades, splinter pistol, wychsuit.
Shardnet and Impaler: Counts as 2CCW, every enemy model in base contact loses 1 attack to a min of 1 Does this mean if if a model is in base with more than one they can lose multiple attacks?
Hydra gauntlets: Count as 2CCW, instead of +1A they give +D6, roll at start of each combat. Similar to Ecclesiarchy Arcos and Penitents but no negative effects.
Razorflails: Count as 2CCW, reroll to hit and wound

Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain.
Dodge (4+): Wyches have 4+ Inv save in CC


Kabarite Warrior
Kabarite Trueborn
Fluff text says Trueborn escort their Archons to battle, so these guys can probably be HQ Retinues. Dracons are Trueborn veterans

I wont post stats but Dracons have lost -1WS, -1BS, and -1I but gained +1A. Sybarite are same as before with +1LD. Trueborn are same as Sybarites. Kabarite warriors are just that, warriors.
Unit Type: Infantry

WARGEAR: Splinter Rifle, Kabalite Armour

Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision and Power From Pain.



I wont post the stats but Incubus has same as before with +1A, Klavex on the other hand gains +1WS, +1BS and +1A.
Unit Type: Infantry

WARGEAR: Incubus warsuit
Klaive: 2H weapon that gives +1S
Demiklaives: Power Weapons, +2A or +2S chose each round before making attacks
Bloodstone: Template, S3 AP3 Assault 1

Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision and Power from Pain.

Special Rules: Klavex only
Onslaught: If a Klavex is in the unit, wound roll of 6 by Klavex or Incubus allows for bonus attacks, these cannot produce more attacks.
Murderious Assault: Klavex points at an IC and gains Preferred Enemy against that IC, can be done every assault phase


Arena Champion

I wont post the stats but will say they have -1S and -1T compared to their old stats.
Unit Type : Bikes (Eldar jetbikes)

WARGEAR: Wychsuit, splinter pistol, close combat weapon, combat drugs.
Reaver Jetbike: +1T and 5+save, built in Splinter Rifle and 36" Turbo Boost
Bladevanes: Turbo Boost over any number of units, select one unengaged, nonvechile unit you have passed over. Each bike does D3 S4 AP- hits. Cover Saves allowed.
Cluster caltrops: Same as above but does D6 S6 AP- hits
Grav-Talon: Same as Bladevanes, D3 S4 AP-, if target suffers 1 or more unsaved wounds it must immediately take a pinning test.

Special Rules: Night Vision, Power from Pain, Skilled Riders


  1. I love the fact that the Jetbikes look like they work exactly as you imagine they should! I used hate the idea that my Reavers would zoom accross the board to an enemy and then park up and get into a fist fight. Surely the point of having a vehicle like that is so that you can do fly-by's, swooping past, cutting off a few heads and before the enemy can retaliate you're miles away.

  2. Very nice collection of new rules. They seem pretty comprehensive, as if not based entirely on heresay.

    If these are accurate, I think there's positive changes all around. Especially the +1 LD for squad leaders will help tremendously.


  3. Dude, this stuff is amazing, I'm so getting back into 40k in November with DE.


  4. Does anyone know if Wyches still have access blaster/shredders and if so are they 2 per unit or down to 1?

    Just trying to figure out if I should pick up some old blaster models or just go with the ones I have (1 per unit).


  5. My main concern are two fold:

    First are all of my old models going to be useful, it is very rare for GW to make a model obsolete but looking at my old Incubi with their tormentor helms, which don't seem to be needed I am wondering if all my lords with converted tormentor helms are going to be needed as well?

    Second the cost points of the units mean my army might be worth more or less points that what it is at the moment. That actually makes me worry because I don't really want to buy new models unless I need them. Just looking cool does not make a new model is automatically worth me buying I want it to fit into my army. I'm sure the play style or army composition won't be all that radically different but we shall see. I am pre-ordering this for sure!

  6. Wow so im going to have a use for my 30+ reavers now!! cool

    Hmm back to the drawing board with my army lists however :/

  7. On the GW website

    The concept for the incubi have broken waystones interesting maybe blood stones?

  8. you can now advance order them, but I don't see a battle force to buy. Does anyone know how long after they release stuff you can buy a battle force?

  9. There are rumors that there will not be a new battle force for DE... just like there isn't one for BA.