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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gamesday is HERE! Second update...(Raiders, Warriors, Wyches...)

I presume these are the new Mandrakes (edit: They are actually Wyches) . Slightly blurry pic but from what I can see they look fantastic!

Raider, Wych and Warrior Sprues?


  1. On the second Raider sprue, bottom right corner. Is that a Dark Eldar missile launcher I spy? Can't recognize the second gun there either, they both look nothing like the Dark Lance/Disintegrator we know and love. Looks like the True Kin will be seeing some additional weapon options more in line with their Craftworld Cousins.

    The first Warrior Sprue looks to have mostly pistols and hand weapons available. Could this be the Wych Sprue by accident (it has a net), or will we see more weapon options on our Warriors?

    Loving the Incubi-esque back plates on the second Warrior sprue, and the new Splinter rifles. Looks like I can keep a common theme between Archons, Dracons, Incubi and Sybarites.

  2. I have the new sprues...from the black box! Sybarite leads the warrior squad. Phantasm grenade launcher, power weapon or agoniser (whip-power is available. Codex is awesome!!! Warriors can be upgraded to trueborn with squad taking blasters, shredders, darklance and splinter cannon. Sculpts are great with varied options to equip.