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Friday, November 5, 2010

Featured Content: Justin Scratchbuilds Grotesques! Part 1

Long time Dark Eldar player here, very excited about the new rules. And if rumors mean anything at the very eariest we won't see a "new" grotesque model until February. Well, I'm just not that patient so I've started modeling my own, before the book was even legally released.

Lucky for me the local store got an early copy to get people excited (successfully I may add). So here's the image I have.

So we have some major new changes to Grotesque (outside of stats, which are quite impressive). They are huge, hulking creature, grown and deformed though Genetic experiments and body modifications.

If we look at the image we see extra long legs, a small normal sized waste, powerful chest & arm muscles, metallic spinal column, growth/drug injectors, bone spines out his back, GIGANTIC back growth, and a neat metal mask with eye slits.

I used what I have laying around. Lucky for me I had two spair Bull Ogres from Fantasy, tons of extra old Dark Eldar Warriors, and spare beastmen heads from the Beastmen gor/ungor box set, and green stuff.

I cut one set of dark eldar warrior legs off just below the knees, and glued that set onto another set of legs cut off midway through shins. Taking a ogre chest I cut it in half (armpit to armpit) I pinned it to the Top of the new legs I had made. Leaving about 1/2 inch of space between them, filling this area with Green stuff.

Glob on lots of green stuff to back and shaping into growthy mounds. Left arm is a spair Demon Prince tail - Right arm is combination of spair Beastman arm, dark eldar arm, and Cleaver from Bull Ogre kit. The Spines on back are Beastmen Horns. I made two larger drug injectors on back and two smaller ones on Right army out of green stuff. The "metal spine" is made from the musician horn from beastmen set (used files to create vitibray lines).

Transition between stomach and legs looked poor so I added a "v" belt to cover this.

Mask is hand sculpted over a Dark Eldar Warrior head (pony tail removed)

The Beastmen pony tails from Horns Glued around head for hair (one ogre pony tail as well).

All in all I think he looks great, now to start painting!

Justin Hovdenes
Rapid City, SD
Hovey on Warseer.com

Look out for more updates from Justin soon. If you're working on a Dark Eldar Kabal why not share it with us? Articles, painting guides, modelling guides, tactics, or even just a log of your progress. If you want to see your work featured on TDEK send an email to: cuchulain84@gmail.com. Happy Raiding!


  1. Cool stuff. You might like this Venom conversion that was posted over at 40konline. It's really slick.


  2. I really like that Venom. Very thankful I have 3 un-opened Vypers lying around from when I was thinking about building Eldar. :)

  3. nice - i got the codex yesterday and i gotta say that this model looks a lot like the picture in the book, great modelling skills :)
    Does anyone know when they'll be releasing the scourges? From the artwork in the codex they look absolutely awesome, just hope the models will look the same.

  4. yeah im so hoping they bring new scourges in february....grotesque looks pretty cool....although legs definitely needs to be bigger....

  5. I think the terminator sized bases may make more sense for the grotesques. Just a thought. -db

  6. It looks interesting. I hope you'll post up some closer pictures and a tutorial on how you put it together.

  7. Lamentor40k, you can click the above pictures to get larger image, and then click again on that to zoom in rather close.

  8. can you make some wracks, Pleeeeaaaaaase?
    i really wnt some in my army and although there are a few conversions out there many of them look terrible and i want to see an accurate replication of the wracks in the codex like uve done with the grotesques so please can u make some wracks pretty please?

  9. Justin Here,

    I was thinking wrecks would start with a base of Empire Flagellants (you get the skirt and exposed skin). From there lots of bits, spikes, extra arms, Replace hands with weapons, Custom green stuff face masks.

  10. I bought a box of pink horrors and am using the arms on old warriors to make wracks (the old splinter rifles will be liquifier guns)it isn't too close to the codex pic but if you used that kit with flagellants or marauders it might look closer to the pic...

  11. yeah i was gonna use empire flaggelants and greenstuff masks. But the bodies of the flaggelants are clothed so i was thinking of maybe greenstuffing over the rags and turning it into muscle but i'm not sure quite how to approach it any ideas?

  12. Justin here,

    some cloths could stay, others could be cut off slowly shaving it and then sculpting it with Files. Nice thing with Grotesque or Wrecks with them being deformed and mutant like they don't have to be perfect or have symmetry.
    The other option is to take upper bodies from other models that have no armor or cloths and attach to waist and legs of Flaggelants.

  13. thanks a lot thats given me some ideas. I think i'll cut off some of the cloth as you say and greenstuff it into muscle, although my greenstuffing skills arn't that good but hey ill give it a shot,. I was thinking of arming them with big butchers cleaver style weapons to count as the poisoned weps. Does anybody know of any GW kits that come with cleavers or similar?

  14. Not trying to retract from the subject, but has anyone thought of turning this site into a forum instead of a blog??? That way, we could all post and whatnot, and it may be more efficient than a blog would be.

  15. Only if he cares what anyone else says ;-) What he has posted so far actually is better suited for blog posting. I would recommend hosting the pics on dakka or picasa - the bandwidth is exceeded so I can't see the images :-(

  16. Hello, these are my conversions of the grotesques eldars; i'm a new player but a plastician, and i wanted to show you my result and techniques; i make it from the codex. bye