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Monday, November 15, 2010

Featured Content: Justin Scratchbuilds Grotesques! Part 2

Justin continues work on his Grotesques...

So here's the first model Painted. I kept the skin color as elf flesh to prevent it from looking like chaos mutation. I really like how the drug injectors turned out. Can't tell buy pictures but the glass parts of Injectors have a shiny gloss over them.

So got the 2nd one assembled. I wanted a more dynamic pose so this ones a little more fun. The metal spine I made out of green stuff this time. The left arm is from a non-games workshop metal orc. The right hand is a normal bull ogre arm, /w the middle finger removed and replaced with a sword blade. Otherwise same stuff.


  1. i think you need some more washes over the flesh and some of the other parts need a bit more work, i do like the drug dispensors though, i still think the legs net to be at least twice as think in some parts like in the picture in the codex, but apart from the legs i really like the second one, looks heaps better then the first....

  2. Well done! The Drug dispensors are great , and i love no.2! However , you need more flesh washes .