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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Featured Content: Jan's Guide to Scratchbuilding a Razorwing

After taking my time to let some of the approaches out there inspire me I finally began work on my own Razorwing.

Games-Workshop decided to give most of the Dark Eldar units new german names instead of translating or keeping the english versions. So they called the Razorwing "Sichelfl├╝gel-J├Ąger" which translates to "Sicklewing-Fighter". (If you are interested of what else they came up with follow this link). That name is one of the reasons for my design approach as I was pleased with the idea of wings that look like a sickle. I knew that I wanted to make use of the Eldar Fireprism turret simply because it is a perfect start as  a cockpit and after some discussions with friends I decided to build the rest of the plane form scratch. So with a clear vision in my head I started work.

What you need: Fireprism turret sprue, Dark Eldar weaponary and some spikey bits were taken from two raider kits, styrne (1mm thick), Epoxy putty, Missile racks from a Lanspeeder Typhoon launcher (can be done with tooth picks as well)

Image taken form www.games-workshop.com

 Image taken form www.games-workshop.com

Drawing the outlines of the wingdesing on the styrene with a pencil- this is also my sketching as you can see.

Here I cut out the first wing and refined it until it fitted my perception.

 The second wing was simply a reproduction of the first one.

 I took the hatch door of the Fire prism kit and cut out the energy cores and by glueing them on the lower side of the wings created my weapon mounts. Also notice the small parts of sprue that I used to create the link with the fireprism cockpit.

I used one of the star engines as a single-turbine- two were just too dominant. I also took one of the Nightspinner gun covers as an air inlet.

I had to carve the engine quite a bit to make it fit in and as you can see there are still big gaps at the air inlet.

The wings still looked too naked so I took two of the fins from the Raider sprue to make for some decoration. I aligned and cut them a little bit so that they fit smoothly.

Greenstuff time. It took a little effort to clean things up.

And I didn't suceeed a 100%. It would have been better to mix in some miliput because that can be sanded. 

Small detail: The Eldar pilot head is replaced by a Dark Eldar baldy.

Disintegrator cannons are glued to the gun mounts and I prepared a flyer base. Now you can guess the dimensions already.

The missiles: Why bother modeling and attachig them when you can simply represent them in their housing? It is one Typhoon launcher cut down boldly. WYSIWYG at it's best.

This is were they go...

A little more to the rear. Notice the Splintercannon gun mount in the air intake. I later threw this idea over board in favour of a more spikey look.

Put the round antenna-egg things on the top of the wings to bring in some Eldar feeling and added a small fin to the rear/side of the cockpit.

Not a lot to shoot at when it comes as you.

Put some bits on the wings and greenstuffed the seems to the cockpit. Fireprism spikes as fins and the weapon mount for the Splintercannon/rifle made form the Webber. 

Almost done...

 ...and that's it- Splinterrifles mounted. Time for a Nespresso- George?

This is what he looks like for the side- I love the look of the weapons array. Reminds me of Babylon 5 antenna arrays.

Better picture after making room on the desk. From the top.

And from the side.

Primed and ready to go. 

Many thanks to Jan for submiting this great article. Jan has his own blog which I can thoroughly recommend subscribing to, it's called 'Path of the Outcast' and you can find it here. If you have a Dark Eldar article that you think our readers would enjoy then you can email me at: cuchulain84@gmail.com . Happy Raiding!


  1. Great, great work!!

  2. makes me think of a death glider from stargate....maybe if GW doesnt release their own ravenwing i might take ideas from this when making mine....although i would most definitely do a different shape with the wings....

  3. I was about to say that. Go for Gaould! :)

  4. That was a really well done conversion!

  5. Nice stuff, I'd like to see the wings with a more DE feel to them, ie instead of being the shape they are now make them a bit more like a blade, perhaps with cutouts.

    That being said this thing is awesome cool!

    Would love to see more stuff like this and more feedback on units etc since DE info at this point in the time is largely rare or bad

  6. Thanks for your comments on my blogpost. I am already building a second one which shall incorparate alle the input I get.
    Things that will change are the shape of the wings by making them more edgy.
    The top of the wings by adding some plating and detailing.
    Fins/sideruders will be added.
    Spikey bits at tho underside will be added.

    Stay tuned

  7. Looks more like a death glider from Star Gate than anything else. It's nice but you could have done better, use the art for the razor wing for insperation and try to make it look like it :)

  8. My brother found this site, http://www.zachary.org/games/40kcatalog.php
    it has some REAAAAAALLLLY old citadel models, including 40k and epic....looking at some of the epic 40k space stuff for eldar, i can really picture them now being dark eldar, they even have sails practically identical to the ones on raiders now....



    i reckon some of these would be nice for deldar super heavies

  9. i also think it needs more on the front....

  10. it'll be nice when we get some more information about any new dark eldar...would really like to expand my collection some more of some new models...hoping new ones are just as good as the ones weve seen....if not better

  11. Any update on this model painted?

  12. Currently preparing it for a painting competition which forbids showing off early- that's why it's silent right now. stay tuned.

  13. The Fire Prism turret was a brilliant find!
    Failing to procure one myself, I started off with an old Falcon kit. I slimmed it down to symmetry and am currently working on smoothing down the saw gap.
    My plan for the turret mount is either more filler or mounting an aether sail, rudder or similar shark fin.
    I mildly regret not having drilled vents into the wings, as on the reavers.

    Maybe I should bloat this into a proper article with more pictures?


  14. Succubus model and beastmaster + beasts have been officially anounced for pre order

  15. Very nice, almost as good as the new GW one, if not better

  16. Update: I am again working on the model. I will send a new post soon!