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Saturday, March 16, 2013

"A blaster, a blaster, my kingdom for a blaster!"

Why do Games Workshop insist on rationing the special weapons in their plastic kits so much?  I mean is it too much to expect a few spares here and there?

Okay, fair enough, you can only take one Blaster per Kabalite Warrior unit, so it kind of makes sense to only supply one. But what if I want to kit out a squad of Trueborn, where am I supposed to get the extra weapons from?

I recently picked up a box of Scourges too. Great models, decent rules but I only get one of every weapon type?! Have they ever heard of synergy?

I wouldn't even mind if we could buy army specific weapon sprues from Games Workshop, but they don't even do that. Why not? It makes no sense.Surely they'd make a bit of money from it.

So all we can do is turn to bitz sites who, because of the demand, are able to charge a whopping £3-£5 for a single weapon. And good luck finding them in stock anywhere.

So then what? I guess we just have to fork out for lots more expensive plastic kits just for a couple of weapons....

...Oh, okay. I see how this works now.


  1. Remember the old days?
    Trying to get a warrior not kneeling using a blaster (because that just made no sense, lets be fair).
    The number of cuts I must have suffered converting metal blasters from the Incubi to get myself 6 warriors carrying blasters like a normal weapon rather than a heavy.

    They know their markets though, oh the piles of money they must sleep on haha.

    1. Wow, that sounds horrific. I wouldn't have had the patience to bother doing one let alone six.

      I made a couple of Blasters for my Reavers back in the day from sawn off splinter cannons, green stuff and the little cones from ballpoint pens. They look much more detailed now so not so easy to scratch build, unfortunately.

  2. i know what you mean man. Blasters are sparse...

    I used shredders and blast pistols to convert some, it doesn't look halfbad. I tend to get all too many blast pistols on my hands.