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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Latest Dark Eldar rumour: Now due in October?

Word has got out that the Dark Eldar are to be re-released as early as October this year! Much sooner than most of us anticipated.

Now we shouldn't get too carried away as this *is* just a rumour and hasn't been verified by GW in any official way. But could we be seeing the Dark Eldar coincide with Games Day '10?

The source of this information comes from the latest episode of Dice Like Thunder. In it they also give us some teasers on how the new codex will play.

Long time Dark Eldar players know by now not to get their hopes up when news of the elusive new codex arises but this latest development looks the most promising yet. I'll keep you posted on any more info that comes in!

(Pic originally from mybattalion.com)


  1. I refuse to believe it until I manage to pay for the codex/models in the store and manage to get into my car without some GW employee leaping out of the bushes with a video camera screaming 'you've been punked!'

    ...I still might not believe it at that point.

  2. lol nice to see my stolen photoshopped image made it on the net...if you are interested in entering your blog to be a contributor at mybattalion.com shoot me an email team@mybattalion.com the dark eldar could use some representation.


  3. I really hope this pans out, I've been dieing to rebuild my DE since I sold them.

    Falconator, I originally stole the pic for my DE post yesterday, but I did credit My Battalion as the source of the pic.

  4. haha well i stole the original image from somewhere else, was just tickled to see it somewhere no worries

  5. @ Big Jim I agree with you completely. I really miss playing my raiders. It was one of the few armies I actually finished painting before running along to a different army. If this happens. I will be way too damn excited. Memories... man.. memories.. I need to hurry up and finish my Alpha Legion! Seems I have 6 months to do it before the DE break out.. (hopefully)

  6. BoLS is now reporting something similiar... Can it be? Are they really not going the way of the Squat?

  7. @warhammer39999

    How da're you sir! Squats indeed...

    All the rumours are coming from the same source though so it's not really a given yet ;)

  8. Wonderful blog! It´s time that we dark eldars get a nice blog to follow :) We have too long been in the dark and this and the coming years shall be ours.

    A question, are you intersting in geting material sent to you to help you with the blog? Because I´m myself starting DE and would love to share my experinces :)

  9. all modeling and no blog reading makes Mizzrym a dull boy. all modeling and no blog reading makes Mizzrym a dull boy. all modeling and no blog reading makes Mizzrym a dull boy. all modeling and no blog reading makes Mizzrym a dull boy. all modeling and no blog reading makes Mizzrym a dull boy.

  10. Great blog. Amazing Video battle reports. I do not exaggerate when I say you have inspired me to start up my DE army again.