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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Featured Content: Kabal of the Sixth Circle

For our first installment of this feature we'll be checking out a regular reader's own budding force; The Kabal of the Sixth circle.

To go with the cool name, Blang86 has come up with a fantastic, striking colour scheme. The Black armour with green/blue trim is classic Dark Eldar and the contrasting pink, pays homage to the Dark Kin's flirtation with Slaanesh and really makes for a unique looking army.

I had a chat with Blang86 about his Kabal and here's what he had to say:

TDEK: So how and why did you get involved with the Dark Eldar?
Blang86: I started collecting Dark Eldar early this year. I wanted a challenging army, where each victory felt fulfilling. Not to say that Dark Eldar are bad, you just need to be extra critical of every move.

TDEK: Now that you're hooked, what do you love most about them?
Blang86: I love their mobility and fire power. I'm also greatly interested in the potential background information in the new codex.

TDEK: Kabal of the Sixth Circle is a great name, what's the meaning behind it?
Blang86: Slaanesh's domain consists of six "circles" of temptation.  The Kabal of the Sixth Circle are notorious raiders of Slaanesh's cultists, stealing back the very souls drained by the Great Enemy.

TDEK: Painting your army pink is always a brave choice, what made you do it?
Blang86: Nobody ever makes a hot pink army, especially one that doesn't look ridiculous.  Only the Dark Eldar could get away with that flashiness.  I also love Emperor's Children Chaos Marines / Slaanesh color schemes.

TDEK: Everything in the army looks great but do you have any particular favourites?
Blang86: I have a custom lord being created.  He's not finished yet, so for now my favorite model is definitely my Incubi. I think they're the best model GW ever created.

TDEK: How about the gaming side of things, does the army play well?
Blang86: I have pretty decent success as long as we're not playing from the Battle Missions book.  Those missions are not Dark Eldar friendly.  Tau also give me problems.

TDEK: Lastly, what are you most looking forward to about the impeding relaunch?
Blang86: I'm most looking forward to the new fluff.  I'd love a new set of Warriors too.  I hate how static the current models are, such a pain to paint well.
TDEK: Thanks for taking the time to talk to the Dark Eldar Kabal and may all your future raids be lucky!
Blang86: Thanks! :]

You can follow the progress of the Sixth Circle Kabal at http://sixth-circle.blogspot.com/. If you have, or know of a cool Dark Eldar Kabal that you would like to see featured then send an email to cuchulain84@gmail.com. Happy Raiding!


  1. A solution I have found to facing Tau is with Terrorfex/Horrorfex spam. One of my regular opponents plays a Fire Warrior-heavy Tau force (with a substantial battlesuit contingent supporting), and I've found that three minimum-sized Raider squads (3 Corsairs, 1 Corsair w/ splinter cannon, Sybarite w/ Terrorfex, Raider w/ Horrorfex each) is generally sufficient in dealing with Tau firebases, the idea being that if the enemy is pinned, they can't shoot at you and they're also more vulnerable to assaults. This is especially helpful if you plan on assaulting, as Tau generally just die in close combat, which then leaves your assaulting unit vulnerable to massed pulse rifle fire.

    I'm still working on a way to reliably deal with missile pods and smart missile systems (they're the only two antitank weapons the Tau have that I'm actually worried about), but pinning has proven to be mostly effective thus far.

  2. Yeah I'm not too afraid of Fire Warriors. My friend spams battle suits and the railgun / smart missile vehicles. Even with 36" guns it's a pain getting in range when everything in your opponent's army has at least 48" range XD.

    Thanks for the interview TDEK!

  3. While Dark Eldar are especially vulnerable to Firewarriors. Its rare to see a competitive list that plays more than 12 Firewarriors.

    However 10+ Battlesuits are very common. But Dark lances one shot em.

    As for Range the only thing in the tau arsenal thats more than 36 is the Railgun, even the missile pod is 36, however it is even more deadly to the dark eldar than the railgun. (More shots, and they spam them just as much as we spam lances. At least me anyway.)

    Hence Nightshields are a must, on Ravagers, and more than likely Raider Squads.

    But yeah Tau leadership is terrible for the most part, they are easy pray for 'fexes. If you can get em in range before you die from 20+ Missile Pod shots. As for assualting, watch out for Kroot Hounds, they are just as fast as our warriors and 3 attacks on the charge. And Battlesuits are just as tough as marines, powerweapons are handy, or a wych squad will simply lock them for the entire game.

    Also if you like your incubi watch for plasma on the battlesuits. Most are equipped with Missilepod, Plasma Gun, and an upgrade that lets em fire both.

    Tau are very simular to the Dark Eldar, they are ungodly in the right hands. Hence why I play both.

  4. I'd be very interested to know what colours were used in painting that raider, I don't think i've seen a green quite like that before.