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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mysterious Dark Eldar First Wave Tip Off....

Following a recent article TDEK received a strange anonymous message from someone claiming to have insider knowledge about the exact contents of the first wave of the Dark Eldar revamp. Here's what they had to say...

"New Codex
3 metal blisters
*New Drazhar
*New Mandrakes
*New Decapitator Mandrake champion model
2 metal boxes
*New Talos
*Fallen (Stiking Scorpion)Phoenix Lord Arhra (Founder of the Incubi)
6 plastic boxes
*New Archon / Dracon / Wych Dracite kit lots of options
*New Plastic Warriors
*New Plastic Wytches
*New Grotesques plastic kit (they look more like DE Posessed (like the chaos kit) not zombie looking
*New reaver Jetbikes
*New Raider / Ravager Kit (can make either vehicle from this one kit)

Later planed plastic in early 2011 are New Scourges and Hellions kits
Mid 2011 New metal Incubi and Warp Hounds box, New Plastic Asdrubael Vect kit

Shhhh don't tell anyone I leaked this out I could get fired.

Codex will also be very similar to the latest incarnations. It will have a unique character that can be upgraded for a squad.

Each DE squad has a base cost of 80pts
Raider base cost will be 70pts and will not include a DL"

Now you don't get as far in the Dark City as I have by believing everything you hear. But maybe, just maybe, there might be some truth in this... Only time will tell for sure...


  1. I get the feeling we just got nerfed. :(

  2. omfg raiders for 70 points without a DL..... makes me a sad panda

  3. I agree with Mizzrym. That was quite a bit of our ranged firepower that just went "POOF!" if this is accurate.

  4. Yeah 70 pts base for a armor 10 open topped vehicle? And then we gotta pay for the Dark Lance? Not to mention an 80 point squad...

    Now I understand how 'Nid players feel when there Big Monsters got nerfed... I know many who would have just kept the old codex...

    Raising points on our good units makes the other unit choices look better by comparision and is one way to balance the codex. Good job GW, way to make Hellions playable!

    Or course this is speculation complaining, and hopefully the end result won't mean my current army is unplayble.

  5. Adapting to the changing game is never a bad thing, in my opinion. Especially when the Dark Eldar players are a minority, chances are extremely good that we'll be mis-understood army for a great while. Much like now, opponents don't know how to handle the game since they very rarely (if at all) face Dark Eldar players.

    Yeah, I'll miss the DL boat spam. But the fact that Hellions, Scourges, Jet Reavers, and Mandrakes are all but unusable in our codex, especially in 5th Edition. Add borderline units like Wyches (not functional as CC units anymore), Grotesques, and Talos to the picture, and you'll begin to see how much we need a new codex.

    While it'll take me a bit of restructuring, and likely that will mean money, I'm looking forward to starting my army from scratch again. :D

  6. Now that I think about it though, 70 points isn't so bad. The Tau Piranha is 60 points base. I forget nobody can be as cost effective as Marines....

    Now I gotta wonder if our base troop is 80 points I wonder what we get. If the 80 point is true I suppose that all of our splinter weapons are poison 4 isn't too unbelievable.

  7. and remember that our lances got changed in a lot of the rumors floating around
    they are going to be shorter range now, so its possible the the raider will come with a base long range weapon still like the splinter cannon which i've seen rumored to be 36" STR X AP 5 Assault 4/Heavy 6 Poison
    thats not a terrible weapon to have on a raider is it?

  8. Its not a bad thing if we have a viable AT option given to us. That we can field in numbers.

  9. anybody else think that raiders should be down around 35-40 ish pts-wise? The only things I can think of to justify that high of pts would be move and assault after deepstrike,or a Shield thingy either boosting AV against shooting or night shield standard

    I would still prefer a cheaper base with a upgrade to take for those effects

  10. I agree. If they are the same as they were before: AV10, open-topped, option for DL or Disentegrator, holds 10 dudes...then 70 points is steep. Especially since this says they don't come standard with the DL anymore. :O

    But several of the rumors out there have stated that the Dark Eldar are going to be especially vicious the turn coming out of reserves. Perhaps that is the reason for the increased points cost.

  11. waited four years for this new codex cant wait :)

  12. Plastic Asdrubael Vect? Never in the history of ever has GW made a plastic character model...

  13. Plastic Asdrubael Vect? No "new" units? This as reliable as whatever my parrot tells me in the morning.

  14. after playin dark eldar since their inception, im glad we have new pretty models...
    we'll all have to relearn how to play them... so wut?
    remember: codex creep is in our favor, this time! :D