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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Latest Dark Eldar Rumour: Huge first wave planned.

So it would seem the most reliable sources on the net have come foward to tell us what we can expect with the new Dark Eldar launch (rumoured to be in November).

It looks like GW are going the full nine yards with this revamp:

  • Codex
  • 3 metal blisters
  • 2 metal boxes
  • 6 plastic boxes
 What these boxes and blisters will contain is anyone's guess but we can speculate.  My gut feeling on this is that the metal blisters will perhaps be an Archon, Dracon and Haemonculus. The plastic boxes will likely see new Warrior, Raider, Ravager kits and perhaps Mandrakes, Wyches and Jetbikes. The metal boxes could be Hellions and Grotesques, maybe Incubi.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think the sets will be? Are there any models you would rather not see redone?


  1. My opinions:

    I have a strong feeling that Arhra will be brought into the Codex as a special character. That's probably one of the new blisters. Also, someone's claimed to have seen the new mandrakes and stated that they'll be metal. I'm guessing there will be a new Lord, Arhra, and mandrakes.

    For plastic - Warriors, Raiders, Ravager + other vehicle combo kit, Wyches, Hellions, and Scourges.

    The metal boxes are most likely a talos and something else, possible a new model.

    I don't think Incubi and jetbikes will be in this wave.

  2. I think the three metal blisters might be a new lord, a wyches character and a special character.

    Whilst the 6 plastics are most likely warriors, Raider/ravager combo, wyches, Talos, Jetbikes and an army box.

    Metal boxes Incubi and mega army force box?

  3. We can only hope that the new model kits will mean an end to gluing metal Ravager bits onto our Raiders.

  4. I am very exited about the new releases and i am told that the talos is a new multi-part plastic kit with better stats (as if they needed to be improved)obviously the warriors will be re-done and I am also told that the ravager will be made into a plastic kit and the haemonculi will be a customizable multi part plastic kit and finally there is a possibility that the hellions may have been re-done. Hope this is helpful! =)

  5. Better stats on the Talos o.O.. 2d6 attacks? :P

  6. Yes I'm pretty sure thats what they've done and I think they've improved toughness as well, yeah and also they have obviously done the codex again to add to my earlier comment - George =)

  7. New Codex
    3 metal blisters
    *New Drazhar
    *New Mandrakes
    *New Decapitator Mandrake champion model
    2 metal boxes
    *New Talos
    *Fallen (Stiking Scorpion)Phoenix Lord Arhra (Founder of the Incubi)
    6 plastic boxes
    *New Archon / Dracon / Wych Dracite kit lots of options
    *New Plastic Warriors
    *New Plastic Wytches
    *New Grotesques plastic kit (they look more like DE Posessed (like the chaos kit) not zombie looking
    *New reaver Jetbikes
    *New Raider / Ravager Kit (can make either vehicle from this one kit)

    Later planed plastic in early 2011 are New Scourges and Hellions kits
    Mid 2011 New metal Incubi and Warp Hounds box, New Plastic Asdrubael Vect kit

    Shhhh don't tell anyone I leaked this out I could get fired.

  8. Codex will also be very simaliar to the latest incarnations. It will have a unique character that can be upgraded for a squad.

    Each DE squad has a base cost of 80pts
    Raider base cost will be 70pts and will not include a DL