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Saturday, August 21, 2010

So it begins! New Dark Eldar artwork shown at GamesDay Baltimore!

This sketch by John Blanche was spotted and snapped by 'dienekes96'. It gives us an indication of where GW are going with the impending Dark Eldar revamp. 

It shows a fleet of Raiders flying over a creepy alien city (Commorragh perhaps...) The Raiders seem to retain a very similar style to the current range but with the addition of a sail. I think the look works but it does put me a little on edge. Dark Eldar have always been branded as Space Pirates but it would seem GW are planning on making this theme a little more blunt. Here's hoping we retain our style without venturing into 'Eldar of the Caribbean' territory...


  1. Yeah, several people have claimed to see the new raiders with sails. I'm hoping they're wrong. I don't want to own the only vehicle in space propelled by wind (which ironically doesn't exist in space XD)

  2. Solar wind does exist. And its actually useful. See the following link:


    I personally like the idea of the sails, I think they'll look sleek. But I agree, I don't want it to go the stereo-typical pirate route.

  3. Generally space fairing craft aren't open topped though :p

  4. I am looking forward to the new codex. An actual 5th edition codex for the Craft worlders is not even on the horizon. I am glad I picked up some dark ones. I have not had any since 3rd edition. So far they have been tearing it up at my local store. 2nd turn phase out against an 1850 necron force is they best so far.

    I have a feeling they will remain fast and lean but the play style will probably drastically change.

  5. I kind of like the idea that the dark eldar try to break down their psychic spirits during life so that they are not a beacon for slaneesh when they die like regular eldar. And this excess they have to do, in order to break down their spirits is why they are so drastically sadistic. Also they may also be able to impart the lesser parts of their psychi into captured slaves, so as to water down their essence, so their fear, and other weaknesses are moved into the lesser slave races. I think this would make them a little bit more character full, I just hope they don't become slaneesh eldar, which is stupid and doesn't support the flush properly.

    Another cool idea I have heard around, is for a sisters of battle point system that allows dark eldar to use points to do cool things like, assault when they deep strike, turn shadow shields on their units, and they get recharged when they kill units, or something...