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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Featured Content: Rumour Rundown

Hey there fellow readers, Collateral Jim here again with a brief update to the upcoming release of our all time favorite army!

Now as with all good rumors, you should take everything described here with a small grain of salt, but with only a couple of weeks to go and multiple 'in the know' sources all confirming exactly the same information, excuse me if I make this sound like it's a bit of a sure thing. Much of this information has been referenced from things said on both Warseer and Dakka Dakka, compiled in a simple summary for my fellow readers here.

Warriors, Wyches, Hellions, Reaver Jetbikes and the Raider and Ravager are all seeing brand new models, in multi-part plastic kits.

The big bombshell of this information was of course the Hellions, that they are apparently taking a far more frontal approach in the army and seeing beautiful new models in the first wave.

A small bombshell in all this is that the Raider and Ravager are both seeing separate boxes. If this is going to be similar to the Rhino/Razorback style of things from the Marines, or if the Ravager is seeing additional variants and a step away from the Raider in design is yet to be seen. We're looking forward to it of course!

In the line of metal box sets we will allegedly be seeing the wonderful Incubi and Mandrakes for the first wave.

I was a little surprised to hear this initially as I had suspected the Incubi would be moving to an Elites slot and plastic models, but as I think about it the lord/retinue setup is somewhat more unique to the Dark Eldar than other armies (other armies tend to have independent characters that join other squads, not other squads purchased around the HQ).

Mandrakes in addition are an interesting option, hinting a second time that the older units with little perceived purpose, use or ability are coming back in the first wave, in style.

Item codes are also pointing towards 3 metal blister packs in the first month releases, although this is an area that most people have been decidedly tight lipped about. The most solid and sourced rumors are leaning towards an Archon/Dracon model, a new character model (be is a special character or a Wych Archon/Dracon) and a new model for an older special character (I would love to see The Decapitator, to support the new Mandrakes).

There we have it folks. 3 blisters, 2 metal boxes, 6 plastic kits, our much anticipated codex and a final surprise in the form of a specialty item code most often given to something like themed dice or resin terrain.

Now there are of course already whisperings of a second wave and even a wave 1.5 in the works, and I am putting my money on one of them including the Haemonculi, Talos and Grotesques, another including the Scourges, Warp Beasts and possibly a new unit from the codex which we haven't seen before.

Also, to any of you lucky dogs able to make it to the UK Games Day (we haven't had a Games Day in Australia for some 5 years now), Jes Goodwin himself will be on hand showing off the first look at the new Dark Eldar range. The 26th of September is going to be a big day for Dark Eldar lovers...


  1. It's going to be epic ^-^

  2. @up It will ^^

    Im going on GD with camera, as soon as I upload photos from it im gonna send here link to it

  3. Considering how much they charge us for models in Australia they could probably run the damn Games Day here as well.

    Definately awaiting this release with great anticipation, I've wanted to start Dark Eldar for about 3 years but being more of a painter decided to wait it out.

  4. for the blister i am hoping for Ahra and that she will be Belialesque and make Incubi as Troops and that Drazhar is an upgrade character for Incubi yet not his own slot as an HQ

  5. Hey there Gundog.

    With the way things have been going currently with codex's and army books, we are unlikely to see an option that makes Incubi into a troop choice. Current rumors point to Incubi as being a potential Elites slot in addition to the Retinue slot for characters, but I quite like the idea of only taking them attached to our big lords and ladies. It gives us a slightly more unique vibe to our Incubi, and stops them from knocking heads with our other dedicated assault infantry, the Wyches.

    Drazhar is 90% going to be available as a unit upgrade though, it seems the way things have been going with various army books even dating back to the first 5e army book, Space marines, which allowed both Telion and Chronus as upgrades.

    What I can see happening though, is for Urien Rakarth or another Haemonculi HQ to allow us Groteqsues or Talos in different slots than we have currently, providing a third option to the 'raider spam' and 'wych cult' options.

  6. Oh, and Kris, it's very nice to see some fellow Australian Dark Eldar players, or at least potentials. I am in discussions with Cuchulain84 to provide a series of army building, painting and gaming articles with the new codex, which you may enjoy as I plan to budget myself on a monthly spending basis, but shop entirely from online stores whilst tracking what I would have spent in my local Australian Games Workshop.

  7. As a current Eldar player I would love to see a army as fast as mine but with a CC punch )and way to actually get there ;) ).

    I have always loved the Raider models but the infantry models put me off the army when I started 40K. So hoping the new eldar style will be better aesthetics.

    Looking forward to your articles and insights on the release.

    Cheers CJ

  8. I'm like this right now...


  9. I too am an eldar player who is looking forward to seeing the dark eldar re release. It is highly unlikely I will ever make an army of them, with my eldar to finish painting (although I could easily add at least 3 more units to it), a daemon army I have started and a tau army I am winning at the moment on ebay.

    I will however, be buying the new codex for reading material and to see the new sickness that the dark kin will be capable of. Know your enemy and all that!

  10. http://i877.photobucket.com/albums/ab337/Prince_Sliscus/New%20Dark%20Eldar%202010/deldar.jpg

  11. Been waiting for this since FOREVER! I've been collecting Dark Eldar as an extra to my Ork army (yes, I know, polar opposites) for years. Can't wait!