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Thursday, September 23, 2010

TDEK's Top 10 Current Dark Eldar Scupts!

Games Workshop have removed the Wych boxed set from their online store and now it's only a matter of time before the rest of the range follow suit. In this article I take a look, say farewell and pay tribute to some of my favourite Dark Eldar miniatures, soon to join the OOP ranks.

 No. 10: Sybarite with Poisoned Blades

This Sybarite is one of the reasons I chose to start Dark Eldar. Ironically I don't actually own it as I've never really seen the point in taking Sybarites. Nonetheless it remains one of my favourites!

No. 9: The Talos

Notoriously hard to keep in one piece this chunk of metal is not for the easily frustrated. When put together and given a decent lick of paint however the Talos suddenly makes a lot of sense.

No. 8: The Archon

A model that often divides opinion but personally I think it's a great sculpt. The Archon looks terrifying and fierce with his giant scything claw and the creepy face hanging from his mask. I still regret not owning this model, but alas I love having my Archon zipping around on a jetbike.

No. 7: Haemonculus with Destructor


The Haemonculus with Destructor is certainly better looking than his Shredder weilding counter-part. Creepy and lithe, this sculpt has always been one of my favourites.

No. 6: The Reaver Jetbike

 The humble Reaver Jetbike is a really great plastic kit. Very customisable and really nice once put together. When you get a large unit of these whizzing round the table-top, it really is a sight to behold.

No. 5: Hellions 

Presumably inspired by Marvel's Green Goblin the Hellions soar around the battlefield on Skyboards, decapitating unwary victims....or at least they should. Tragically the stats don't quite match the awesome sculpts and most have been consigned to the shelves to gather dust.

No. 4: Scourges

Another great tragedy. The Scourges really evoke the image of 'creatures of the night' with their sleek jump-pack wings. Sadly the Ravager is a better option in every way and the Scourges rarely make it to battle.

No. 3: Lelith Hesperax

Lelith is actually one of the finest female miniatures Citadel have ever produced in my opinion. She looks like she'd blow you a kiss before slicing your head clean off. My kinda gal!

No. 2: Incubi 

 The new sculpts are getting a lot of positive attention but let's not forget where it all began. The Incubi look every part the royal, martially disciplined, bodyguard the fluff describes. Thankfully the stats match the sculpts and Incubi are rightly feared on the battlefield.

No. 1: Drazhar, Master of Blades 

 What else can be said about this fantastic miniature. With it's dynamic pose and daggers that mimic the claws of a Praying Mantis, Drahzar takes his rightful place at No.1. This doesn't just deserve to be at the the top the Dark Eldar range, it should be regarded up as being up there with the finest Citadel miniatures to ever be produced. All heil the Master of Blades!

So there it is folks. The end of an era. Soon all these miniatures will be out of production and only available from the likes ebay. Soon we will have a whole host of new sculpts to drool over, but for those of us who've been with the Dark Kin for a long time, miniatures like the above will still be fondly remembered.

Have you got a better top 10? I'd love to hear it. Post your opinons below.  Happy Raiding!


  1. ... i agree but it was only the models that drew me in and after painting some two dozen , $200 of them have been the official dust collectors in my closet. I need some juicy background story ... like Darkblade ... well we will see what the new codex and black library bring us.

  2. Completely agree with you about Drazhar. However, I am sad to see that you left out Asdrubael Vect and his pimp raider.

  3. I like models that are in the "yep, that could be real" category. Drazhar's abdomen and waist are sculpted well, but the Incubi... Unless they dont have any internal organs (maybe they dont) the girdle wearing incubi are a bit freaky lookin... but maybe thats the point...?

  4. Personally, I reverse Drazhar and Lelith around. Lelith's sculpt is pure genius in my opinion, and I would place it in the top 5 best miniatures put out by Citadel. :)

  5. Where is "Urien Rakarth" *cry* he's my favourite model in the dark eldar!

    But I'm not really sad, we all have different opinions about the models, and they all look wicked sweet *smile*

    Nice list man <3

  6. Drazhar, Master of Blades!
    Definately an amazing model, not just for Dark Eldar but out of the entire range.
    I actually bought one to use in conversions which I wish I had kept in a single peice now :(

  7. I would swap a bit:
    4 Jetbikes
    5 heamonculi

    and archon with sybarite....cuz I hate models with oversized heads.

  8. pretty cool i think trhe jetbikes with haemoculi would be cool :D

  9. +1 for Where is "Urien Rakarth"