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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hellion, Mandrake, Urien, Ravager Pics & Loads More Rules!

So the pre-orders for the first wave finally went up yesterday and GW decided to give us an extra treat and reveal the follow up 1.5 wave which will be up for pre-order in a couple of weeks. Take a look at these...

Urien looks amazing and if you think he is a little reminicent of Fabius then check out this quote from Frgt/10
...there is a bit of fluff in the codex saying the Bile was taken to commoragh to be trained by the Haemonculi, that would probably explain the similar apparatus...

Here are some rules I plundered from Locephax who had a good long look at the new codex.
Archon 60 points base huskblade 35 points soultrap is about 20.
Basic warriors are 9 points and Raiders are 60 base.
Incubi are 22 points each
Vect 240 (dais +200)
Lelith 170
ancient haemonculus 80 normal one is like 65
ravager 105-120 I think
I'll post other stuff people want too, just ask.

they are WS4 BS1 S5 T5 W3 A3 ????? 6+ sv
they have feel no pain (like all other haemonculi stuff ie. the heamonculi, urien, wracks, and grotesques.) They take up 2 spaces in a transport (like Ogryn) they have to take a Ld test if an IC isn't accompanying them, and if they fail they inflict 2D6 attacks on nearby units before all dying.

they have wings meaning they are JUMPPACK not jetpack

EDIT: like ACTUAL WINGS made for them by haemonculi for a lot of money. ther get surgery and fly up ato the eyries at the top of the city and act as couriers and are very rich (well paid job) and they can buy cool weapons eg splinter cannons, darklances, heat lance(?), and copme with splinter carbines standard. (very good rate of fire.)

cant remember mandrake points. about 25 I think. they shoot S4 AP4 Assault 2 fire attacks. they have stealth and infiltrate. scary.

Lelith is WS9 BS 7? S3 T3 W3 I7/8 A4 Ld 9/10 sv6+
she has a 4++ inv against shooting (she dodges bullets lol) and a 3++ inv. in CC. Her hair counts as a shardnet and impaler (reduce ememy attacks by 1) and her knives are power weapons. she is very killy.

[Heat lances]
they are 12"? S6 Ap 1/2 Melta lances
they can be taken by a reaver arena champion as well, and it is a heavy weapon for warriors and the trueborn.

it has a TL splinter rifle and can upgrade to a splinter cannon. It can take some of the DE vehicle upgrades

RE: the DE flyers. they are classed as skimmers. the ? fighter and the voidraven bomber. the bomber has 2 TL darklances and can drop a S8 template on units it flies over. (scatters only D6") the fliers can purchase up to four missiles of any of the following types and may be a mix of them. there are neurotoxin ones, imploding ones, soul stealing ones or something, and good old fashioned explosives.

Some Urien fluff: his presence is a great honour for the kabals/cults that accompany him on raids. He has died many times, but he regenerates. It is now to the point where he likes to try interesting ways of dying. But for some reason, each time he regenerates, he keeps bits of his old body - that's why he has like 5 spines and 7+ arms. He is one crazy bastard. The haemonculi built a big fancy tower out of living tissue and it is like an academy. They have even trained Fabius Bile there (Urien was interested in his experiments). He can make the small constructs troops, and he can give grotesques S6 instead of their usual S5 for 5 points each. He regenerates one wound a turn but cannot exceed the max.

Some excerpts from a conversation with two friends who have seen the codex:

Phoenix lord statline incl 2+ sv and EW, the demiklaves (i think) and he can move to a different spot in combat as long as he stays in B2B with opponents. other stuff too.

3D6 pick the highest for running,
+1 S
+1 WS
can't remember this one
probably re-rolls is one
+1 free pain token
meaning most of the army gets feel no pain lol
1 roll for entire army.

if so, I'd love some hekatrix with max hydra gauntlets that wound on 2+

Yeah, that's precisely why you won't be able to. XD
Actually, nix what I said about the huskblade/soultrap before. All you need is that Poison retinue member and it's stupidly good.

(FYI there is a retinue member for the archon that gives the whole unit 2+ poisoned attacks... combine with huskblade and other power weapons for maximum lulz...)

He can take different numbers of 4 different types of guards. ie. he can take some of one type and a few of another etc. (I would recommend keeping it down to 10 members so they can ride in the archon's pimpin' raider)
one is a big bug - 3 wound tank monster, one is a 4 armed shooty guard, one is a general cc one, and another is a retinue member that grants the entire retinue poison 2+ CC attacks.


  1. Thought I'd give my thoughts in the comments rather than clutter up the article.

    The Ravager looks as expected, but nice all the same. I love the style of the new Mandrakes but I think the sculpt falls just short of the concept sketch I put up last week. Will definitely still be getting some though.

    Shame I can't say the same about the Hellions.... Sorry GW but you can't show us a female mini as good as Lelith and the a female mini as bad as that.

  2. Lelith gets an extra attack for every WS point she is above her opponents (and she is WS 9). Sounds insanely badass.

  3. just a few fixes....
    soultrap is 10 points...
    lelith is 175(only 5 more then what you said)
    lelith is WS9 BS 9 S3 T3 W3 I9 A4 Ld 9/10 sv6+/4+(3+ in cc)
    (if she has furious charge from pain and charges a squad of tau units she can get upto 12attacks at s4 i10.....how nasty is that)

    and the court of the archon unit...the lhameans or something like that....it only makes it and the archons poisoned weapons 2+ not the entire unit

  4. Pretty much everything i have here is true from codex (when im not sure about something it will say so)

    (not gonna put rules and stuff for some of these as its already there, but ones that arent up ill put what i remember)

    New units are:
    Court of the Archon(which you can have one for each archon, this includes vect and lady malys)
    (this is kinda similar to the old court of the young king for biel-tan or which ever one it was)

    Wraks - these are more like old grotesques

    Razorwing Fighter - bs4 10 10 10(i think)
    (this had some decent wargear but cant really remember as i was more interested in the thing on the next page)

    Voidraven Bomber - bs4 11 11 10
    (this had 2 or 3 48"s9 ap2 blast one shot weapons with different effects, one scatters 1d6 instead of 2d6 plus something else and the other made the target take a wound test or die. This vehicle also has the special rule that ravagers have, in that it can shoot all weapons when moving at cruising speed.)

    and lastly of the new units is the venom(detailed above)

    There is 8 Special Characters, including:

    Vect(poisoned pw that wounds on 3+, seize initiative on 4+ instead of 6, he has ws8 i8 w4 and ld10 with a 4+ save and shadowfield(same as before) (thats all i can remember from him

    Lelith(detailed above)

    The decapitator(calls him by his real name(kherudraka or something like that) with the Decapitator as a title)- his weapon causes instant on rolls to wound of 6 or something like that and he must start game in reserve and the player can place him anywhere they want(no roll required) but must be no closer then 1inch of an enemy(maybe 2inch)

    Lady Malys(dont remebmer her stuff)
    A hellion lord(dont remember his name)(very green goblin like, had some stuff to do with deploment)
    Drahzhar like a incubi master dude with demiklaives but better profile as stated above

    Urien Rakarth(makes wraks count as troops, and at the start of DE players turn he automatically regerenates one wound symbolising him stitching himself together, he starts the game with a pain token)

    and lastly some poison related character...dont remember stuff about her

    Thats mostly the stuff i could remember from the good 6+ hours of reading the codex

  5. Anyone read up on the WWP? How's that going to work/cost (assuming it's in the 'dex)?

  6. GrenAcid

    Im in love in Uriel....and wanna have haeomonculi DE....full of nasty tricks.

    Read on Bols that raider is 60p. and Iam bit worried about it..why its going up?? I wish for somegood rules to justify price...like DS of outflank....or somthing.

    Models(helion included) looks great.

  7. I actually really like the hellion model, to me it looks like they have sharp teeth or something, maybe sort of cannibals in the new book?

    I too like the look of haemonculi de, could be fun and different from my eldar. But with all these cool models, it will be difficult to restrict myself!

  8. I am pondering a combat patrol size army with a focus on the new mandrakes or incubi. That said, what are the unit sizes for the standard troop choices, as that is what I cannot decide on.

  9. I am really not excited about the face of that hellion.

    What IS beautiful are the new Ravagers. Very Intricate, cool-looking guns, less cartoonish than the previous Raider/Ravanger models.

    Also pretty curious about this so called "big bug" that was mentioned at the end. I think Dark Eldar needs more of that. Scary Monsters.

  10. the big bug could be talking about the chronos parasite engine, which is VERY useful as whenever it kills something with its gun or its melee weapon it can give a unit within 12" a pain token....meaning that unit doesnt have to worry about killing a enemy unit to get it....

    and as for the WWP, im pretty sure its basically - unit can place it instead of shooting and things can use that as a table edge or something....nothing about having to select at the start what things are coming from it so no having to worry about your carrier dying before placing it.
    cant quite rememeber the full details

  11. I'm afraid Lilith won't be superb with only S3 even on the charge. If she had Furious Charge by default, it would help, but I guess it depends what drug roll she gets. With 10 attacks, 1/3 are expected to miss so you would have 6 chances to wound. Wounding on a 5s makes your number of wounds total 2 against T4. Ouch. 10 attacks seems great, but she really needs reroll to wounds in my opinion if she is to be real "killy". She does seem tough to kill though with a 3++. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  12. Wait, I remember hearing Lelith won't get combat drugs. Ew. Also, I mispelled her name above, sorry. Either way, I hope I'm missing something powerful about her because she doesn't seem worth nearly 200 points as of right now.

  13. no she doesnt have combat drugs....maybe if she joins a squad with conbat drugs she will get it too but im not sure about that....if that was so then combined with FC and the +1s from CD she would be s5.....anyway she more of a squad killer...not really a heavy infantry killer....
    good thing the bonus attacks thing works the way it does other wise she would only be able to max out at 10....which is still good but those extra 1 or 2 can help when facing hordes of gaunts and the like...which is what she excels at mostly...also she REALLY needs a squad to back her up...so just give the squad the more heavy infanty killy weapons and youll do fine

  14. Any idea on what mandrakes do?

  15. does anyone know if the crucible of malediction is still in? I hope so, as it is a great concept plus has an awesome name.

  16. its in....just dont remember what it does