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Friday, October 8, 2010

New Dark Eldar: The Ultimate Rules Summary!

I present to you....more stuff I've pinched from Warseer! Saves you having to trawl through the 150 page thread though :p... Anyway as far as I can tell this is every unit in the Codex summarised, enjoy...

Dark Eldar Summary: (Originally posted on Warseer by Vovin)

based on The Dudes’ summary, additional information provided primarily by Frgt/10, minor (but nonetheless important) contributors: jspyd3rx, Toloran, Mr Rose, Cosmic Girl, Loceplax, Wraithseer, time2die, gorgon, Ravenous

ALBE=Autarch Lasblaster equivalent

Army-wide special rules:
Night Vision - Acute Senses USR

Strength Through Pain – Most standard Dark Eldar Infantry units will have this rule, although some of the more out there ones will not. The unit (and only the unit) gains an upgrade every time it wipes out an enemy unit (3 max). 1st Feel No Pain, 2nd Furious Charge, 3rd Fearless.

If an IC or IC's join a unit then their cumulative pain points are added together and they gain the benefit of all of them combined. Should the IC leave the unit, the pain points must be distributed as evenly as possible with any remainder being left to the owning player's discretion. If multiple enemy units are destroyed in a combat against multiple DE units, then all the pain points are randomly assigned to the victorious DE side, they don't EACH get a point for every unit destroyed by the combat's results.

Combat Drugs
- Succubus (no drugs for Lelith), Wyches, Reavers, Hellions, option for Archons
Roll once. All units with the Combat Drugs rule get the same benefit. One result confers a free pain point.
Results are:
3D6 pick the highest Run moves
+1 S
+1 WS
+1 A
reroll to wound rolls in close combat
+1 free Pain Token

12" Assault and "always attacker" results are gone.


Dark Lance: S8 AP 2 Heavy 1, Lance (even for Scourges)

Splinter Rifle 24" SX, AP5, Rapid Fire, Poisoned.

Shard Carbine 18" SX, AP5, Assault 3, Poisoned.

Splinter Cannon 36" SX, AP5, Assault 4, or Heavy 6 Poisoned.

Splinter Pods - 18" S X AP5 Assault 2, Poisoned

Blaster - 18” S 8 AP2 Assault 1, Lance

Disintegrator – S5 AP2 Heavy 3

Shredder - still in

Heat Lances - 18" S6 AP1 Lance, Melta


Webway Portal:
archons, haemonculi only
dropped in shooting phase, dropping the portal counts as shooting and the person who drops it CANNOT be in a vehicle when he drops it. It then acts like a board edge that you can bring reserves on. The WWP is indestructible and impassable once it's down...and in a change, cannot be used to bring on vehicles. Also, if you have a WWP you can always put things in reserves even if the mission doesn't allow. Outflanking and deepstriking reserves can use the portal.

Agonizer: power weapon, no poison rule, but wounds always on 4+

Djinn blade: is not a weapon, but gives 2 additional power weapon attacks, rolled separately, on doubles hits wielder instead

Plasma Grenades: wyches have acces to them, warrior can buy them

Orgasm Grenade Launcher: [Ed- Possible freudian slip??] whole unit has offensive and defensive grenades

Soultrap: If bearer kills an enemy MC or SC in close combat he doubles his Strength to 6. If he kills another one, he doubles his Strength to 10.

Clone Field: is a wargear item which allows the bearer to nullify D3 attacks directed at him each turn; the specific attacks are chosen by the bearer. Mutually exclusive with shadow field

Shadow Field: same as before

Huskblade: Power weapon that causes Instant Death.

Drug Dispenser: access to combat drugs

Hexfire Rifle - Sniper Rifle, wounded model takes a wounds test or is removed from play (yes this does circumvent EW)

Blast Pistol - 6" range Blaster, counts as CCW.

Mindphase Gauntlet: any IC or MC HIT (not neccessarily wounded) by this weapon must take BOTH a Strength and a Leadership test for EACH hit. If ANY of these tests is failed, that IC or MC may not attack this assault phase. NO power weapon,

Special Characters:
There are 8 special characters, all are HQ choices:

Asdrubal Vect
Can be taken mounted or on foot. It has been said his throne fits nicely in the spot where the sail goes on the new Raider kit. This implies no new model. Personally, I think the new kit would look a little silly without the sail.
Seizes the initiative on a 4+
has preferred enemy against all unit types and re-rolls to wound against all Eldar models (including Dark Eldar)
Armed with Obsidian Orb: S10 AP3 Assault 1 Blast Weapon that rolls against the target's Ld stat rather than their T. Any unsaved wound caused heals Vect up to his starting number of wounds.
Dais: optional, 200 albes, 13/13/13 raider, transport 10, 3 dark lances
vect and 9 other passangers MUST be deployed in the dais at the start of the game

Duke Sliscus
A corsair captain described as a nasty counterpart to Yriel.
Gives you 2 rolls on the combat drugs chart, picking the result you want.
2+ poison weapons, if he rolls a 5+ to wound, they also ignore armour. A single unit of either warriors or kabalite trueborn have their poison weapons upgraded to 3+.

Apparently there's a strong indication that Drazhar is actually Arhra.
Armed with Demiklaives
Special Rules:
Eternal Warrior, Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain
- Can move to a different spot in the same combat as long as he stays in base to base contact with enemy models and in unit coherency.
- Gets instant bonus attack for ever 6 on a saving throw.
- Makes a Incubi unit he joines Fearless.
- Has both Klavex powers.

Lelith Hesperax
No poison, no drugs, but ignores armour.
3++ in CC and 4++ against shooting
Is equipped with impaler and shardnet. There are two wargear sets for the model but this is only a cosmetic option. There is no rule for another weapon loadout.
Special Rules:
Recieves a bonus attack for every point her WS is above the highest opponent's WS in base contact with her

Lady Malys
4+ invulnerable save
Completely immune to psychic powers and passes this ability onto any unit she joins. Equipped with better Djinn blade
allows the owning player to redeploy D3 units after deployment...including placing these units back into reserve

Urien Rakarth
Gives out D3 Pain Tokens at the start of the game, which must go to Wrack or Grotesque units
Regains 1 wound at the start of each DE Turn
Urien’s Ichor Gauntlet wounds enemies on a 3+ and inflicts instant death.
Liquifier Gun (new name for the destructor)
Can upgrade Grotesques to S6 for 5 albes each
Wracks become Troops

The Decapitator
no IC, always starts in reserve regardless of mission, deepstrike anywhere on the table without scattering, can not assault in this round
T3, 5+ invulnerable

Baron Sathonyx
Hellion character on skyboard
lower than archons stats in almost all respects, pretty cheap however
has a special skyboard that gives him +2 str on the charge (so +3 with his hellglaive) but no power weapon
making pulling enemy IC's out of units virtually guarenteed. He also shields the unit from fire very effectively if there's decent cover around
no combat drugs either
makes hellions troops, +1 on deployment roll

WS/BS: 7 S/T/W: 3 I: 7 A: 4 Ld: 10 Save: 5+
no skyboard or jetbike
Can have a Blaster, or Blaster Pistol.

Court of the Archon
Inquisitor style retinue for the Archon. Different (alien) members offer different bonuses.
1-2 Medusae- ranged eye laser style weapon (the background for these are pretty cool; they're basically brains-on-stalks that possess hosts for them to leech off their emotions): Flame S D6+1 AP D6 Assault 1
1-5 Ur-Ghuls- WS5 S5 T5 W 3 I5 A3, furious charge, feel no pain
1-2 Lhameans- Dark Eldar poison masters, poisoned weapons of the Lhamean and Archon wound on 2+
1-3 Sslyths- 2 wound snake-like mercenaries armed with shardcarbine, splinter pistol and cc weapon (they have 4 arms). also have FnP

WS/BS: 8/6 S/T/W: 3 I: 8 A: 4 Ld: 9 Save: 6+
Wargear is minimal, mainly wych weapons and other combat gear, nothing too special. comes with combat drugs as standard, option for Agonizer, no skyboard or jetbike

1-3 haemonculi per slot, and 1 of them can be an Ancient.
Haemonculus: 4/4/3/4/2/4/2/8/6+
Ancient Haemonculus: 5/5/3/4/3/4or5/3/9/6+
Comes with a free Pain Token (and therefore Feel No Pain)
If there is at least one H. in the army, Wracks are Troops
no way to improve armour, no shadow field
Wargear for Ancient:
- Huskblade
- Archangel of Pain: One causes all enemies within 3d6" to make a LD test. If they fail, their WS and I is 1 for the rest of the turn.
- One is a single shot weapon that 12" Strength d6 AP d6, Assault 2d6.
- A rifle that is 36" sX ap 4, assault 1, sniper. If a model suffers a wound from this, it rolls a characteristic test against its wounds. If it fails, it is removed from play.
- Crucible of Malediction: all psykers within 3d6 take a ld test or get removed from play , one use
- Liquifier: Flame Str 4 Ap D6

Identical to the Codex: Eldar entry
There is no, repeat NO Solitaire and NO dedicated transport.

5-10 Mandrakes
single ccw, 5+ invulnerable
Whenever a unit with this rule has at least one pain token, each model has the following shooting attack: 18” S4 AP4 Assault 2, Pinning
Special Rules: Stealth, Move Through Cover, Night Vision, Fleet, Infiltrate, Power Through Pain

3-10 squad size. Incubus, Klavex
Armed with Incubus warsuit (3+ sv) and Klaives (Power Weapons with +1S), NO plasma grenades, no Tormentor anymore
Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision and Power from Pain.
Klavex is a squad leader with WS5, A3 who can take:
Demiklaves: 2 smaller blades that either give him +2 attacks or +2S (both are Power Weapons).
Bloodstone: Flame S3 AP 3
Klavex can buy the follwoing Exarch powers:
Onslaught: If a Klavex is in the unit, wound roll of 6 by Klavex or Incubus allows for bonus attacks, these cannot produce more attacks.
Murderious Assault: Klavex points at an IC and gains Preferred Enemy against that IC, can be done every assault phase

One Grotesque can be upgraded to a aberration. Can take a few special close combat weapons, but no power weapon.
One Grotesque can take a ranged weapon, although BS 1.
Special Rules:
free pain token, aka Feel No Pain, no fleet
If there is no IC in the unit, roll aD6. One a 1, unit is removed from play and every unit in 2D6” gets 2D6 S5 AP- hits
Option for Raider. Takes up two transport slots.


Human-sized Homunculus constructs
two poisoned (4+) blades
S3 T4, no fleet
One wrack can be upgraded to a champion. Can take a few special close combat weapons including an agonizer.
1 in 5 wracks can take liquifier
Special Rules:
free pain token, aka Feel No Pain
Option for Raider and Venom.

Kabalite Trueborn
elite warriors, LD9 and 2A
Armed with Splinter Rifle and Kabalite Armour. Dracon upgrade. Dracon has 3 attacks.
Can swap rifle with splinter pistol and ccw for free or splinter carbine for 5 albes each. Can take plasma grenades for 1 albes each.
Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision and Power From Pain.
Options to take 4 special weapons and 2 heavy weapons.

Hekatrix Bloodbrides
elite wyches, LD9 and 2A
Syren squad champion with A3
Every third wych can take a special wych weapon.

Kabalite Warriors
Stats are the same. Armed with Splinter Rifle and Kabalite Armour. Sybarite upgrade.
Warriors get 1 Dark Lance (25 albes) or Splinter Cannon per 10 models.
Can only take 1 shredder or blaster regardless of squad size.
no plasma grenades
Sybarite can take: grenade launcher for 20 albes, ghostplate armour (4+/6++), venom blade, a power weapon, or an agonizer
Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision and Power From Pain.

Stats are around the same.
Armed with: Close combat weapon, combat drugs, plasma grenades, splinter pistol, wychsuit.
Hekatrix (squad champion, A2) still have the option for the Agoniser. Wych weapons are one per 5 models.
Special Rules: Fleet, Night Vision, Power from Pain, Combat Drugs.
Dodge (4+): Wyches have 4+ Inv save in CC
Wych weapons
- Shardnet and Impaler: Counts as 2CCW, every enemy model in base contact loses 1 attack to a min of 1
- Hydra gauntlets: Count as 2CCW and grants +D6 attacks instead of the +1 for 2 ccw
- Razorflails: Count as 2CCW, reroll to hit and wound.

Fast Attack
Reaver Jetbikes
T4, 5+ save, can Turbo-boost 36", Move through Cover
Reavers and Arena Champion
Armed with Wychsuit, splinter pistol, close combat weapon, combat drugs
Reaver Jetbike: +1T and 5+save, built in Splinter Rifle and 36" Turbo Boost
One out of 3 can replace Splinter Rifle with Heat Lance or Blaster.
Bladevanes: Draw a line from the starting point and the ending point of the movement. Select a single unengaged, non-vehicle unit under this line. Each bike does D3 S4 AP- hits. Cover Saves allowed.
One out of three Jetbikes can replace Bladevanes with:
Grav-Talon: 10 albes, as Bladevanes but does D3 S4 AP-, if target suffers 1 or more unsaved wounds it must immediately take a pinning test.
Cluster caltrops:20 albes, Additional to Bladevanes D6 S6 AP- hits
Special Rules: Night Vision, Power from Pain, Skilled Riders, Combat Drugs
There is no way to take these guys as Troops.

Jump Troops, hit and run, Fleet, combat drugs, no plasma grenades
hellglaives give +1A and +1S
Skyboards have a 18” SX AP4 assault 2, Poison shooting attack
Champion can take a special type of skyboard which can pull an IC out of its unit when using Hit and Run. This leaves him engages in Close Combat with the IC though.
can take grenade launcher for 20 albes

Beast Masters
1-5 beastmasters per unit, ride skyboards, count as Beasts though
one beastmaster can take combat weapons like agonizers, no combat drugs
each beastmaster can only have ONE type of beast.
0-5 kymerae per beastmaster, 0-1 clawed fiend per beastmaster, 0-2 Vodwing Flock per beastmaster

Khymera - The old Warp Beast, 4/4/4/3/1/4/3/?/4++
Vodwing Flock - W5, A5, Rending
Clawed Fiend - 4 wounds and 4 attacks, the fiend also gains an attack for every wound it suffers

4+/6++ Ghostplate armour, armed with with Shard Carbines and Jump Pack (no jetpack)
Weapon options:
2 out of 5 can take:
heat lances, dark lances, splinter cannons,
Haywire Grenade Launchers: 24” S4 AP4 Assault1, against vehicles roll an additional D6: suffers a glancing hit on 2-5 and a penetrating hit on 6

Special Rules:
Deep Strike

Heavy Support
Fast, skimmer, open-topped, AV 11 11 10
Armed with 3 Dark Lances as standard, can upgrade to diintegrators for free
Can fire all weapons after moving 12" and after Deep Striking

Nightvision, Power from Pain, Monstrous Creature, Move through Cover
twin linked splinter cannon, can be upgraded to twin-linked liquifier, twin-linked heat lance and more
can take additional ccw for 15 albes
can make attacks Instant death for 5 albes OR
can roll 2D6 for number of attacks and pick the highes for 10 albes

Weaker but cheaper Talos.
Nightvision, Power from Pain, Monstrous Creature, Move through Cover
When the Cronos kills a model in cc, an unit in 12" gets a Pain Token. Can take ranged weapons, that also gives a Pain Token upon wounding:
Weapon 1: Flame S4 DS 3 Assault
Weapon 2: 18" S3 DS3 Assault Blast 5"

Razorwing Fighter
AV 10, 10, 10
Fast, Skimmer, Supersonic: 36” Flatout
Can fire all weapons after moving 12" and after Deep Striking
TL splinter cannon, 2 dark lances, 4 monoscythe missiles (48" S6 AP5 assault 1, large blast, one use only)
can be upgraded to:
Necrotoxin Missile: 48" 48" SX AP5 Blast 5", Poison 2+, Pinning, one use only
Soulstealing Missile: 48” S7 AP- Large Blast, reroll to wound, one use only

Voidraven Bomber
AV 11, 11, 10
Fast, Skimmer,Supersonic: 36” Flatout
Can fire all weapons after moving 12" and after Deep Striking
Armed with two Voidlances: S9 AP2 Dark Lances and a Void mine: S9 AP2 Lance, 5” Blast, Bomb dropped along its flight path, scatters D6".
can take up to four missiles:
Monoscythe Missiles: 48" S6 AP5 assault 1, large blast, one use only
Implosion Missile: 48”, small blast, W-test (take the W at the start of the game) or removed from play, invulnerable and cover saves allowed, one use only (30 albes a pop)
Necrotoxin Missile: 48" SX AP5 Blast 5", Poison 2+, Pinning, one use only
Soulstealing Missile: 48” S7 AP- Large Blast, reroll to wound, one use only

transport 10
Fast, skimmer, open-topped AV 10 10 10
Has upgrades for a 5+ invulnerable (not cover) save and another that gives an extra 2D6" movement.

3 expensive upgrades:
- Nightshield: hasnt changed
- Retrofire Jets: allows deepstrike, fire all weapons after deepstrike, you cant disembark from a DSing vehicle though
- Clonefield: confers 5+ invulnerable save

7 cheap upgrades:
- if the raider moves over a unit it gets D3+1 hits with S4
- 2D6" extra movement
- enemy unit in 6" get -1 on thei Ld, must take a Ld if they try to assault the vehicle
- friendly units in 12" can reroll their moraletest
- raider can tankshot, if it rams it gets +D3 on its front armour
- for every 1 on a close combat to hit roll against the vehicle the unit gets a S4 hit
- splinter rifles and pistols (but no cannons) can reroll failed to hit rolls when shooting from the raider

4/10/10/10, fast, skimmer
Transport capacity 5 or 6 (codex contradicts itself), clonefield
Armed with Twin Linked Splinter Rifles and can upgrade to a Splinter Cannon
Despite the name, this is not a Harlequin dedicated transport. Every unit with access to the raider can also take a venom, except Groteques 


  1. I fear that they will still be toooooo easy to kill
    3 raiders dead per turn

    1. I just made a post on my site army-builder.com/ about using these more effectively. You might want to check it out.


  2. Thanks for pulling all this together! Less Dark lances by the look of it, but a suspiciously large number of Heat Lance options........

  3. GrenAcid

    WHY ON EARTH archon cannot take jetbike or skyboard??? Its F* stupid....I wanna have word with Phill about that.

  4. Jetbikes and Skyboards are the province of Whyches. Who exist in their own independant cults, and whose services are rented to an Archon. As such it is logical to assume that an archon would probably not have any real experience on the bike or skyboard....therefore he cannot use one in game. If you want a leader on a bike get a succubus

  5. build my a army around wyches or warriors, that is a great question... wyches dont seem to get any antitank besides possibly haywire grenades?

    turbo boosting 36" and supersonic fighter 36" flat out... DE again are fastest army in the uniersum

  6. And most importantly even more so than them being fast, or them being this or that. They have by far the most beautiful models in the range. I can not wait to see them hit shelves, but alas, my wallet can.

  7. I did get a quick look at the codex in my local gw today, but not for very long partly because I don't want to spoil it when I get my own copy but also cos my baby daughter was with me and she picked that moment to be sick!

  8. Hmmm....i was sure leliths BS was 9...maybe i keep misreading the 7 as a 9...oh well, its still hitting on 2+ with a 5+reroll

  9. Dark elder are weak in defence but really kick arse in attack, you have to play em expertly to get the most out of them. One mistake and youre dead. Its good to see the codex being revamped though, a lot of the rules were really outdated and I think now dark eldar will be nastier than ever.

  10. And very pretty...I think we are missing that point. those models are amazing compared to the old ones where the warriors were fighting because their thongs were too tight.

  11. the haywire gren launcher ? and the wych stats might be a bit off (8 attacks )

  12. 8 is probably Ld, the 10 is misplaced probably, A is 1

  13. So... no Terror/Horrorfex or Xenospasm?

    That makes me a saaaad Panda :_(

  14. from what i remember there is meant to be something with similar effects, but no there is no actual terror/horrorfex...not sure about xenospasm....there is A LOT of arcane wargear now

  15. It's about God damned time. Been waiting over 10 years for a new edition! A lot of this stuff has me licking my chops. Thank God they made Mandrakes and Hellion Skyboards better

  16. did i read that right ld 2 on the chronos?

  17. This makes me ever so happy. Finally a new edition! The power from pain rule really says what they do, kill things quickly.

  18. I'm not (YET) familiar with Warhammer 40k, because I was just WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN... Based on the rules, has somebody come out with interesting ideas for an army? Good/interesting/fun combos? I personally have a preference for Reavers, will it mean having to stick with Whyches, which I don't like very much?

  19. Lots of interesting stuff, but the cheap sniper squad costing 100 pts for 2 dark lances is gone (210 for the same number of dark lances).

    I hope they have other reasonable priced dark lance platforms outside of ravagers (which are competing with loads of interesting new vehicles). Maybe reavers could meet this need, but blasters and heat lances require you get them quite close, and you need 6 models for 2 special weapons (compared to 3 before).

    I'm ordering my copy now, and look forward to when we know the points costs.


  20. Just got home from my GW, after reading the dex, once again, i wanted to double check some things which didnt seem right on here....

    One is lelith hesperax....she has bs 9, at first i thought i just misread this, but after looking at dex a couple of times that is not the case, although 2extra BS makes little difference as she has no actual gun.....(wth does she need bs9 with no gun makes no sense to me but anyway)

    Second is Vects Obsidian orb, which only regains 1 wound every successful wound not all....

    Third is the soul trap, which requires a Ld test before doubling str

    And Fourth is the Chronos/Talos which i believe are I4 with talos D6attacks as you say and chronos has 2, with both having ld 10(the chronos listed above seems to not have the ld)

    Talos is also 100points standard like it used to be...but now it has options

  21. so can a hexfire sniper rifle take down a mkodel with "eternal warrior" such as most space marine characters???

  22. Yes a hexfire rifle can....cause it just removes the model from play...it doesnt technically kill them, and cause its a sniper it automatically wounds on 2+ i think....not too sure on snipers as i dont use them very often

  23. AFAIK hexfire rifle - and the implosion missiles too - dont roll to wound at all, so it is W test, cover/inv save if applicable and then remove from play - it is not instant death from wound, so eternal warrior doesnt protect. Expect angry bugs (what? my warriors die on 3+?) and special characters (Abaddon, Calgar, you name it...)
    note that with only about 1/3 missiles hitting, and most of characters having at least 4++ inv, you can not expect reliable eternal warrior kiliing. Expensive elites like terminators or Nob bikers have reasons to fear, though...

  24. Seems that Dark Eldar got a little bit weaker in the core units, but that the old useless units are now viable... Interesting to see if with the deep striking raider upgrade, can the troops on board shoot?

    My old army was raider spam with disintegrator spam... seems undoable now:[ and warrior main weapon still rapid fire:[

  25. Deep striking passengers still can't shoot (cruising speed rule) or disembark (part of retrofire jets). I don't see that being a very useful upgrade honestly. Deepstriking vehicles without the ability to avoid terrain like drop pods is risky, and Ravagers being able to move 12" and fire all three guns (or go flat out +2D6") means they can get into a good position more safely without them.

    Also, I'm loving that hexfires are sniper rifles and still assault guns. That is friggin' sweet.

    I look forward to having Wyches backed up by Haemonculi as my troops. They will all have Haywire grenades as a fallback, but I intend to go with a couple squads of Trueborn, a couple squads of Reavers, and a squad of Scourges, all of which will be packing heat (lances). Factor in some Ravagers or a Voidraven points permitting, and the army should shred mech lists into confetti!

  26. Im pretty sure voidravens where only like...145 points....with their wargear only being like 10, 10, 10 and 30 or so....

    Personally i dont know if ill use any trueborns/bloodbrides in my list...as there are too many other awesome things to choose for elites, when i can have a almost as good(with not as good wargear) for my troops....which is really the only option i have depending on which im doing....(i like doing themed armies so id either be all wyches, all warriors, or all wracks as my troops

  27. Im alittle disappointed that they made haemonculus an HQ choice (even if we can get 3 of them). They should've made them like Blood angel chaplains who can be either HQ or elite choices...that would've been cool. But I cant complain about anything since they all look beastly

  28. i have a question:
    In the Archon's retinue there is a poison master, who provide a poisoned weapon (2+) for the Archon. The question is: can I use this ability with the huskblade (PW, IK)?
    I will appreciate if somebody answer my question. THX

  29. The huskblade is not a poison weapon, so the Lhamean does not affect it. Really, the Lhamean is just providing 2+ for the splinter weapons in the unit.

  30. The Lhamean also only provides the bonus to poisoned weapons to the archon NOT the entire unit....so the only time you take one is if your archon has a poisoned weapons....i do believe their is a poisoned version of a husk blade in the arcane wargear...so it would work with that....which would be nice....wounding on 2+ causing instant death....though i dont believe it was a PW...so they still get a save against it....as is the case with most poisoned weapons

  31. I do miss one character and that is Kruella the Vile (did I spell that right) She was such a great character for my army :(

  32. XD its spelled Kruellagh(just checked it up in my codex), but yeah although she had a silly name, she had some pretty cool stuff....the bonus attacks for every model she killed was awesome.....

  33. Looks like a lot of changes. Dark Eldar lose their previous best things, the 12" assault and 2 dark lances per troop. They seem to get a lot back though. It will be interesting to see how it balances out.

  34. I am curious, did you get a chance to take a look at the new codex yet?

    I took a look at my FLGS yesterday. I only had about 1hr to look through it though.

  35. Does the codex display art or even better photos of the actual models needed to represent the new various Courts for the Archons? I think it's one of the best new features and could possibly make for very flavorful combinations...

  36. The codex only shows photos of models that we have already seen, but it may have shown art form at least some of them....not sure though, it at least has some stuff describing what they look like...which although is definitely not as good as some artwork but it gives a starting point....

    and 40knjny, i can only speak for myself, but i have had a good 8+ hours combined (spread of several days) looking at the codex, hence the few fixes of made above to the rules in another post....

  37. That's a "Phantasm Grenade Launcher".

    Hexrifles are also AP4, Assault 1 (same range as most sniper weapons).

    Point about the trueborn: You can take 4 special weapons and 2 heavy weapons, discluding Dracon.

    Most characters can take blast pistols. KICK ARSE!

  38. the worst part about this codex?
    you still only get 3 heavy support slots!
    how will i use all of my new toys at once?!?

  39. Spolit for choice.

  40. tyranids dont have eternal warior any more!

  41. does anyone know if I can put The Decapitator with mandrakes. Since he is not an IC or will he be like Snikrot from the ork codex?

  42. like snikrot decap won't be an ic

  43. hes meant to be a lone assassin anyway so it goes with the fluff

  44. So who can take a hexrifle and how many in each squad.

  45. A very good summary indeed!



  46. Hexrifle is a haemonculus thing....in a quick little list i made i had 65 points to spare so i just put 1 haemonculus with a hexrifle....pretty cheap for a decent ranged multi wound killer dude

  47. hey just posted this after reading this article. They need to ban it now lol its too broken lol. They own Tyranids wohhhoooo!!! Who cares if their stats are low they get ultimate wargear that increases stats here and there including special rules. Go dark eldar and they really needed a new codex!!!

  48. dont worry too much abotu those instant death no EW weapons, theire all "one per army" and usually "one shot" too.

    No archon access to reavers and skyboards is caus theire not part of the circles that deal in such equipment, hellions and reavers are completely different from Kabals and Wyches, i reccomend the codex for anyoe n and everyone who enjoyes warhammer, its jam-packed with awesomesauce

  49. The hexrifle isnt one shot or one per army....but basically everything else is....and i think hexrifle can only be used by haemonculi....but i dont see why you cant just take 6haemonculi, 2 of which are ancients and give em all hexrifles...then you have 6 instant death no EW sniper rifles, yes they only ap 4 and dont ignore armour saves but meh....you still get multiple shots with them

  50. okay here are a few things after reading the new codex, im a veteran DE player and after reading some things i found alot of fails in this codex plus things that i miss from the old codex :), thought alot of the new things are very interesting and coolio, but this what fixes i recommend then doing to the codex. Firstly Give INcubi's Tormentor Helms back otherwise there BS is useless now since they don't have range weapon anymore..or like they have characters as well having ballistic skill for no reason now. I.E

    Lilith Hesperax
    Lady Malys

    And things i found sad to be gone ='[ -

    Now no more Vexanthrope D; making people kill there own.
    loss of alot of mask upgrades
    No terrorfex,Horrorfex,Xenospasm
    Punisher weapon name booted away
    Agoniser loses it's auto glance on vechicles:c
    No more disemblower blades for drazhar which is lame.
    Need them Tormentor helms D=
    Archons cannot use incubi's weapons anymore but okay with there new range of weapons
    No more Bike , or Skyboard for Archons D=
    combat drugs are kinda worse now apart from free pain tokens for feel no pain rule for having one pain token =D.
    you use to be able to more then one webwayportal which was better incase one is blocked or unit carrying it destroyed...
    Crucicble of malediction no longer hits all psykers in game.
    Disentorgrators are weaker now....
    Alot of the -1 leadership mod tools for effecting enemies gone now, iE trophy racks/ Terrorfex etc.
    No more Incubi retardedly as Bodyguards choice for Archons instead they are elites only Note fluff wise Incubi were ment to be hired as body guards cause they don't trust other dark eldars or there own peeps.. that was the point of incubi which makes it retarded.
    Scourges lost having 4 upgrades for weapons.
    no more combatdrug dispensersing combat drug effect to squads D; so only leader suffers.
    No more Combat drug overdosed monster killingmachine D;(was also good for laughs :) or dire cases if you know it;s only choice to make em pay)
    Reaver jetbikes have weaker armour, 4+ reduced to 5+
    No more invul 4+ save for turbo boosters maybe as well?
    Why is the Dais of destructions armour less only 13 instead 14 now D;
    Incubi cannot be given those nasty assault Guns incase they have to kill a dreadnought chasing them D':.

    Some Fixs i Reccomend -
    Retro jets instead of screaming jets sounds gay=/ should return name

    Fixs characters and units with Ballistic skill for nothing I.E incubi,Lilith Hesperax,Drazhar etc.

    Returning Tormentor helms would make sense again for incubi having ballistic skill.
    Return Punishers they should of kept them but give them as diff weapon choice for incubi making it have diff abilites to the Klavies would make it much more better,
    I.E Klavies add 1 to str/power weapon, Upgrade a punisher could be a forceweapon upgrade adding 1 str and is two handed.
    or Power weapon with a cleaving effect able to hit multiple around the wielder ;].
    somethink like that =]maybe.

    Mostly though very good and happy with the new update :D DE <3.

  51. Incubi, like the Mandrakes and Haemonculi, do not swear allegiance to any specific Kabal or Wych Cult. Instead, they are trained from a young age in a central Dojo. After achieving sufficient skill in their training, they are then leased into the service of a Kabal Archon/Dracon, for use as a bodyguard force.

    The reasoning for this is that in Dark Eldar society, one's place in the chain of command is only improved by assassinating the person above you. Therefore, the majority of Kabal leaders find it too dangerous to leave the protecting of their lives in the hands of a member of the same Kabal, as the bodyguard would have ulterior motives for not sufficiently protecting the Archon/Dracon. Incubi, on the other hand, are completely neutral in matters of Kabal Hierarchy, follow the code of their contract zealously, and are elite warriors, all of which make them perfect bodyguards. thats somethink for why they should turn as a option for a retinue but :) they could should give them as option as retinue or as a elite choice =D

  52. Yeah but the Incubi don't have a good enough armor save to survive

  53. May I point out that because of Lelith's extremely high BS she is perfect in apocalypse for throwing vortex grenades at people. chances are it won't scatter and kill your own men

  54. Lelith is too proud to take any such ranged weapons that would not allow her to feel the spray of her enemies' blood, nor would she try to fake her skill with any pathetic drug. Thus your argument is ruled invalid